The Skin


Skin ageing is a complex biological process that is a consequence of both genetically (Intrinsic) and environmental (Extrinsic) factors that occur over time such as stress, poor diet, sun exposure and pollution. As we age skin undergoes significant changes which affect all its components and alters its essential and fundamental functions. In the epidermis (top layer of the Skin), the keratinocytes (cells which synthesise keratin and other proteins) lose their vitality and their dynamism. As a result Epidermis renewal slows down, keratinocytes differentiation is impaired and the hydrolipidic film (lipid layer) is depleted. Thus the skin barrier weakens; skin is then prone to dehydration,the first sign of ageing.In addition to dehydration, the slow- down in the cell cycle is combined with a less than efficient desquamation (skin cell shedding) process and it accounts for a characteristically dull and rough skin surface.In the dermis (deep layer of the skin), Fibroblasts decreases their activities, both in terms of their proliferative ability and their metabolic ability. This causes the matrix supporting proteins (Collagen) to become disorganised and weak, resulting in sagging, lack of firmness and the appearance of wrinkles.

Natural Solutions

Studies shows Intrinsic (genetic) ageing only accounts for 3% of the  factors which cause the ageing processes, with the remaining 97% is caused by Extrinsic (environmental) factors.

With daily care and prevention, we can greatly slow down the effects of age on our skin. Recent advancements in natural active ingredient technology have enabled us to find healthy, safe, and truly effective ways to keep our skin firm, smooth and youthful: